FBI, DEA & Sled Investigations

FBI, DEA & SLED Investigations

Typically, the sooner you have an attorney the better!

Federal Investigations, DEA & SLED Investigations in Charleston, SC

One of the scariest scenarios is an FBI or SLED Agent knocking on your door or to receive a “target letter” informing you that you are the subject of a Federal Investigation. If you find yourself in either of these scenarios it is important that you retain a Charleston Defense Attorney immediately. Historically, these investigation can take a long time while requiring the target to jump through many hoops, so it is important that it is handled appropriately from the beginning. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Trey Harrell understands the importance of gathering all the information in order to Mount the strongest defense possible.

If you find yourself the subject of a Federal or State investigation do not hesitate to contact Charleston Attorney Trey Harrell immediately.


How it begins…

Normally 1 of 3 ways:
  • Often times, the investigation is triggered by the filing of a credible crime report with the Department of Justice or some other law enforcement entity.
  • A Federal Agent receives information from a individual currently incarcerated or a defendant in pending criminal case who is hoping to receive better deal for themselves.
  • The investigation may result from information gathered by one of the a federal intelligence agencies, such as the CIA, or from a parallel civil investigation performed by a regulatory agency, such as the SEC or the FDA, in which the target has been unmasked.

What is involved…

Various investigative methods involved:
  • Wiretapping the suspect’s phone
  • Performing physical surveillance over a period of weeks or months
  • Recording consensually monitored conversations (i.e., having someone wear a “wire.”)
  • Reviewing a suspect’s financial documents, such as bank records or tax returns
  • Monitoring the suspect’s online activity
  • Issuing grand jury subpoenas for testimony and documents
  • Executing search warrants and analyzing the materials obtained, such as computers and smart phones

How To Know If You Are Under Investigation

Although federal investigations tend to be kept secret, the following may occur:


You receive a “Target Letter” from an United States Attorney or the South Carolina Attorney General which formally notifies you that you are the target of an investigation.


Federal or SLED Agents contact you to set up a meeting.


You receive a grand jury subpoena requiring you to testify or provide documents.


Federal or SLED agents show up unannounced at your home, place of business or other location that you frequent, and try to interrogate you.


Federal or SLED agents execute a search warrant at your home or place of business.


Former colleagues or business associates tell you that they have been interviewed, searched, or subpoenaed to testify in connection with activities that you were involved in.

What To Do If Under Investigation:

Follow Two Rules:
  • Obtain Legal Representation Immediately.
  • Do not speak to anyone about the investigation without first consulting an Attorney.

If you find yourself as the target of a Federal or SLED Investigation, do not hesitate to call Charleston Attorney Trey Harrell to discuss in much greater detail the necessary steps to protect your rights. As a former prosecutor, Trey Harrell Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorney understand the steps and techniques law enforcement uses to build the case against you and can work to make sure the process handled fairly so that law enforcement does not advantage of the situation.

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