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Personal injuries can vary, resulting in a minor cut or scrape, or something as serious as a disability that can keep you from returning to work or carrying out basic activities. When a personal injury is that severe, it is considered a catastrophic injury.

If you incurred a catastrophic injury due to someone else’s negligence or reckless behavior, legal action is necessary. Trey Harrell Car Accident and Personal Injury Attorney will see to it that you are compensated for your damages. Call 843-701-8029 to find out how we can help.

What Actually Is a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury is an injury that’s so severe, it keeps you from going back to your daily life. This can lead to a devastating reduction of income. It can also greatly reduce your quality of life.

Catastrophic injuries usually affect the body’s central nervous system. The nervous system plays a major role in the body’s command center, so it takes the helm in various functionalities. When damage occurs, it can cause a considerable decrease in movement and cognition.

Examples of catastrophic injuries include the following:

  • Spinal cord injuries: The spine is responsible for supporting the body. It is home to various nerves that travel to the rest of the body. If a spinal injury occurs, it can severely limit movement and it may even cause paralysis.
  • Brain injuries: Brain injuries come in the form of less severe concussions and more serious traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). A TBI can lead to ongoing issues like dizziness, headaches, and permanent cognitive damage.
  • Severe burns: Burns range in severity from first degree to third degree. A third-degree burn can do damage below the skin’s surface. It can cause infection and disfigurement and it can require ongoing surgeries and care.
  • Serious breaks and fractures: While most broken bones heal in time, serious fractures may require several surgeries and may lead to ongoing pain.
  • Organ damage: Organ damage is not always apparent at first, but it is quite serious. It can even be fatal. If you are in a catastrophic accident, it’s best to get medical attention immediately to ensure organ damage did not occur.
  • Amputated limbs: If the extremities are seriously injured, an amputation may be necessary. Amputations can seriously limit functionality.
  • Loss of sight and hearing: A loss of sight can occur in chemical related accidents. Hearing can be damaged by loud explosions. Either can be detrimental to your employment status.

What Are the Causes of Catastrophic Injuries?

Catastrophic injuries are caused by the same events that lead to any other kind of personal injury. The difference is that the nature of the event is more severe, so it results in extensive damages.

Common causes of catastrophic injuries include:

  • Road accidents: Accidents involving pedestrians, cars, bikes, trucks, or motorcycles can be particularly catastrophic if a vehicle hits an object that is much smaller than itself.
  • Slip and falls: Slip and falls can be catastrophic if a person falls from great heights and/or lands at an unfortunate angle.
  • Product defects: Products that are not dangerous and/or not properly labeled can do extensive damage. Products such as medications and household items, may contain chemicals that make you gravely ill. Heavy tools that pose a hazard can cause extensive injuries.
  • Medical malpractice: We expect doctors to take care of us. But sometimes they act in a negligent manner that can lead to a permanent injury. Medical malpractice is not easy to prove, but your Charleston catastrophic injury attorney will see to it that you get justice.
  • Fires and explosions: Fires and explosions can cause serious burns, a loss of hearing and they can negatively affect your respiratory system.
  • Animal bites: When dogs or other animals think they are being threatened, they can be quite vicious. A big enough animal can cause broken bones, amputations, and permanent disfigurement.

What Damages Can I Be Compensated for in a Catastrophic Injury Accident?

The damages you can collect in a catastrophic injury accident are similar to those you can collect in other types of personal injury accidents. However, the amount will be considerably higher due to the severity of the injuries. Here are some damages that may be covered in your lawsuit.

  • Loss of earning potential: After a catastrophic injury occurs, you may be unable to go back to your current position or you may not be able to return to work at all. The defendant will need to cover the discrepancy in wages.
  • Emotional pain and suffering: Many people deal with PTSD and trauma after being involved in a catastrophic accident. It can be a complex issue finding a monetary amount to cover these damages, but your Charleston catastrophic injury lawyer will be able to calculate fair compensation. Your mental healthcare expenses may be included in the damages.
  • Punitive damages: If the defendant’s actions in causing your injuries are considered excessively reckless, punitive damages may be included in compensation. These are meant to discourage the defendant from exhibiting similar behavior in the future.
  • Medical expenses: After a catastrophic accident, you are likely to need extensive medical care immediately after the accident as well as ongoing care such as rehab, prescriptions, and the installation of any items needed to make your home disability-friendly.

A Charleston Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

A catastrophic accident can greatly reduce quality of life. If you were seriously injured, you deserve compensation, and when you contact Trey Harrell Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorney, we will fight for your compensation and the opportunity to rebuild your life.

Trey Harrell has extensive experience with personal injury law. Trey helps by ensuring we won’t see a dime unless we help you win your case.

If you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury, don’t delay. Call Trey today.

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