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Rear-end accidents are one of the most common types of accidents in Charleston to occur on the road. They often occur because the driver behind an accident victim was speeding, tailgating, or not paying attention to the road. While these types of accidents are often minor, they can be quite serious. If you were injured in an accident like this, you need a reliable lawyer on your side. Call Trey Harrell Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorney today to speak with a Charleston rear-end accident lawyer. Call us at 843-701-8029 to find out how we can get you the compensation you deserve. Our local car accident lawyers are here to assist you.

What are the Common Causes of Charleston Rear-End Accidents?

A rear-end accident in Charleston can happen for a variety of reasons. These include:


The National Safety Council recommends that cars maintain a 3-second following distance between the car in front of them. This can be determined by choosing a temporary landmark on the road such as a billboard or a streetlight.

Unfortunately, many cars do not follow the three-second following rule and end up following the car in front of them too closely. This does not give them sufficient time to stop if there is a sudden slow down. It can result in a serious accident.


When cars speed, it may also not give them enough time to slow down suddenly. If they are unable to stop or slow down in time, they may end up hitting the car in front of them.

Driving intoxicated

Drinking and taking drugs impairs driver judgment. It can cause drivers to follow the car in front of them too closely or it can delay their reflexes so they are unable to stop when they need to.

Driving distracted

Many drivers get distracted while driving because they are paying attention to their phones, turning the radio, looking in the mirror, or looking at billboards. They may not see the car in front of them until it’s too late.

Poor weather conditions

In cloudy and wet conditions, it’s essential to drive even slower and allow for a larger following distance between your car and the car in front of you. Unfortunately, many drivers get impatient and try to rush, increasing the risk of an accident.

Car malfunctions

In some instances, the car in back may malfunction so the driver is unable to control the brakes or steering. They may end up colliding with the car in front of them. In these instances, the car manufacturer or mechanic may be to blame for the accident.

Driver error

A rear-end accident can also be caused by an honest driver error. For instance, a driver may accidentally step on the gas instead of the brake. Or they may hit into the car in front of them while pulling out of a parking spot.

Are Rear End Accidents Always the Fault of the Following Driver?

It is common for the driver in back to be blamed for a rear-end accident. However, there are exceptions to the rule. These include:

  • If the driver was hit by the car in back of them causing them to collide with the car in front.
  • If the driver in front suddenly goes into reverse.
  • If the driver in front does not have working brake lights.
  • If the driver in front hits their brakes for no valid reason.
  • If the driver in front experiences mechanical failure and is unable to pull their car to the side of the road.
  • If the collision is caused by faulty equipment; in these instances, the car mechanic or manufacturer may be to blame.

What Does the Law Say About Brake Checking?

Brake checking involves the driver in front slamming on their brakes to intentionally surprise or intimidate the driver in back. It causes the driver in back to brake suddenly or swerve into the other lane to avoid an accident. It is an illegal activity.

If the driver in front is found guilty of brake checking, they will be responsible for damages.

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