Should I Accept The First Offer From The Insurance Company?

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Following a car accident, whether or not you are hurt you will more likely than not have to deal with an insurance company in order to get the compensation you deserve. Remember a good number of insurance companies are for profit companies that are responsible to shareholders and make more profit if they can pay you less for your claim. As a result, these insurance companies have put significant resources behind a team of “adjusters” so that they can “adjust” your claim. It is wise to be cautious when interacting with them.

First Offers Will Not Reflect the Full Value of the Case

Unless the first offer is for the available policy limits, the first amount offered on an injury claim is almost never near to the fair value of what an injury claim is worth. Insurance companies expect to negotiate, they will almost always start at a price lower than they are willing to pay. A routine practice by an insurance adjuster is to make you a lowball offer hoping you will accept it and they can close your claim quickly. You should always negotiate! You will almost always get a better settlement offer than the first offer if you negotiate.

The Dangers of Settling Too Soon

While a quick settlement may seem appealing because it will result in you getting your money faster, there are serious dangers of settling too soon. If you settle too quickly, your injuries might not have healed nor fully arisen. As we have written about previously, there are numerous other injuries that may not develop until days, or even weeks, after the collision. As a result, you may need to wait a little while before settling so you have a full understanding of how much money you’ll need for treatment.

Remember, once you’ve settled, that’s it. When you sign your settlement agreement (or in some cases accept any money), you also are signing away your right to sue for the injuries you suffered in the accident. So, if you quickly settle your case then you could miss out on the money you need to fully recover from the accident.

It Costs Nothing to Talk to an Attorney First

Contact Trey Harrell Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorney. Getting Advice from attorney Trey Harrell about your car accident claim is Free. Further, you don’t pay attorney Trey Harrell for representing you in a car accident unless the Trey Harrell Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorney wins your case. There is almost no reason not to at least call 843.636.TREY and ask a question.

No matter how cut and dry your case may seem the insurance companies usually would love to settle your claim for lower than it is worth. An experienced car accident attorney at the Trey Harrell Law Office, LLC that can determine exactly who is responsible for your injuries, who understands exactly how find the proper insurance coverage and who knows how to fight to get you the compensation you deserve for your case. Schedule your free consultation with our award-winning local attorney today by calling 843.636.TREY or filling out our online survey.

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