I’ve Been in a Car Accident in SC, What Should I Do?

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Getting in a car accident is a terrible event. Plus, it is more difficult to receive the compensation you deserve than you think. If you’ve been injured by a car accident in South Carolina, here are some reasons why you should consider hiring an auto accident attorney instead of pursuing a claim yourself.

Insurance Companies Do Not Want to Pay You.

Once you have been injured in a car accident, you will find it is very difficult to receive any help or guidance with your claim and will often come face-to-face with roadblocks set up by insurance companies. When talking to an insurance adjuster, (the primary contact for you at the insurance company who handles your case), you must remember that this adjuster is not your friend. The adjuster’s primary job/goal is to pay you as little money as they possibly can. (This does not permit rudeness or lack of civility towards these adjusters, but it’s important to understand that fact first.)

Adjusters will also most likely ask to take your statement when you call regarding your claim. But actually, they can process the claim using the accident report and the statement they take from their insured driver. If you give them a statement, they will look for pieces of information you give that will help them devalue, undermine, or deny your claim.

Some examples of things insurance companies will look for in your statement are, conflicting information in your statement, information indicating that the accident was partly your fault, or indications that your injuries are not as severe as you claim they are. Generally, when it comes to statements, they can harm your case more than they can help it. So, we would recommend avoiding this.

Auto Accident Attorneys Can Help Value Your Claim

There are more aspects to handling a personal injury claim, such as an automobile accident, than people realize. One major example is determining how much your case is worth. The price of a car accident does not only include your medical bills or damage to your vehicle, but it can also include the pain and suffering you’ve undergone due to the accident, the inconvenience of missing work due to doctor’s appointments, depression, anxiety, and so much more.

Auto Accident Attorneys Help You Understand Insurance Companies

Understanding the ins and outs of insurance companies is complicated. And the protocols of one company may not be the same as another. This is where an auto accident attorney can help you. Personal injury attorneys have experience with personal injury claims, and they know exactly what insurance companies will do to try and avoid paying out.

In addition to the different insurance companies, individual policies may also be difficult to comprehend. Some policies offer personal injury protections (PIP) coverage, while others may not.

There may also be other factors in the accident that the victim did not consider, which may change the context of your case. Sometimes, the at-fault driver’s insurance policy limits may not cover the entirety of your medical bills. Auto accident attorneys are used to these situations and know how to “stack” insurance policies.

For example, if you got into an accident where you were not at-fault and the insurance of the at-fault driver did not cover your medical expenses, there could be other insurance policies to go after, or you could use your own insurance company to cover the difference. However, this can be complicated, and if the wording in documentation is not deliberate, then you could prevent yourself from receiving your financial

This is also why it is a good idea to check your insurance policy and make sure you have under-insured motorist coverage. In South Carolina, there is a requirement for uninsured insurance, but not for underinsured. If you are hit by someone and their insurance does not cover the entirety of your medical expenses, the underinsured policy you open through your own insurance company could make a huge difference in your settlement.

Auto Accident Attorneys Help You Understand the Law

Auto accident attorneys are professional. They will understand your situation because they have dealt with cases in the past. While every case is different, there is a significant benefit of utilizing a lawyer who has dealt with insurance companies, knows the ins and outs of your case, and is hired by you to work for you. Instead of working through the countless laws and loopholes that insurance companies throw your way, you can hire a lawyer who has an incentive to work for you while you focus on your recovery.

It is difficult to know the extent of the monetary compensation you may be entitled to, but auto accident attorneys do, and they have that information handy when talking to insurance adjusters who want to take advantage of you and your situation. One example for South Carolina accidents specifically is that if you’re injured then your spouse also has a claim for “loss of consortium.” This means that due to the accident, you may be unable to help around the house with chores, taking care of children, and more. An insurance adjuster’s incentive to pay you as little as possible, so they are unlikely to tell you what you and your spouse is entitled to. Insurance companies make money by under compensating injured persons, so some companies will offer a lower settlement to you if you don’t have an auto accident attorney fighting for you.

Free Consultations:

Often, you can find auto accident attorneys who offer free consultations, and from there you can decide whether you believe that it would be beneficial for you to hire an attorney. One thing an adjuster will tell you is that the money they offer you is worth it because the price of hiring a lawyer would actually get you less money. This statement is false.

For many lawyers, they will tell you that there are incredibly few times where they have seen an original offer from an insurance company that is worth it for their client to take without their help. Again, the expertise that auto accident attorneys provide help to ensure that you are receiving the compensation you deserve from accidents that you have been involved in.

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