Tips For Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Car Wreck

Have you been injured in a car accident that was someone else’s fault? If you answer yes, then (if you …

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I’ve been hit by a Drunk Driver! Now What?

Being involved in a collision can be problematic enough, but being hit by someone who decided to drink and drive …

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What Injuries are Common after a Car Accident in Charleston?

In South Carolina, auto accidents can cause harm that ranges from relatively minor bumps and bruises to catastrophic and life-threatening …

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Damages after Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

I Was Hit by a Drunk Driver in Charleston, am I Able to Recover Punitive Damages? According to the National …

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What to Do After Being Hit by a Drunk Driver?

If you suspect drunk driving caused the crash, your first step should be to call 911. A police response means that a trained investigator will be able to determine if the other driver was under the influence.

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SC Texting and Driving Laws 2021

Laws on distracted driving vary from state to state. Because of major differences, as well as frequent updates, it is challenging to know what is actually illegal for you to do in this state.

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I Was Hurt in a Car Accident…What Do I Do Now?

Suffering injuries in a car accident can often lead to much anxiety and many questions about how you can receive compensation as a result of someone else’s negligence

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13 Estate Panning Terms you Need to Know

Estate planning is something every adult should do.

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Are DUI Checkpoints Constitutional?

A common approach for law enforcement to apprehend motorists who are driving under the influence from alcohol or drugs (“DUI”) …

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